Car by the hour in Madrid

Short term car rental from 6€ an hour with 50km free

Easy as 1, 2, 3… Get the wheels you want without the hassle of vehicle ownership. All at the touch of a button.

How it works

Start the engine and drive

Register now and find cars for hourly and daily hire near you.

Pick your car

Select the best car for your needs, choose a date and time and off you go.

Return the car

When you finish, just return the car to the same parking spot. That’s all.

Price Calculator

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Fuel and basic insurance included.

Need a car this summer?

Book a car on Long Duration (LD) from 22€ per day. Make the reservation 10 days in advance and don’t pay the last day of your rental!

"This summer Ubeeqo gives you more vacation days for less money. Don’ t forget to request for your car extras, such as car seats for kids, animal carriers, etc."

Do you have a company?

Save cash with our flexible business travel offering. Have a pool car in every city.

"We needed a solution that was representative of our company DNA, which means having an eco-friendly component that was attractive at the same time."

Manuel Martins,
Facilities Management Vice Director (France)